Q: What wood is the toy made from?

A: We use beautiful Poplar hardwood (aka: Liriodendron tulipifera). Poplar is a pretty sturdy hardwood, however no toy is unbreakable…don’t let Superman bite on it! A baby toy should be high quality and not leftover construction material.

NotMadeInChinaToy LLC uses ONLY natural domestic ingredients and our toys are hand crafted.


Q: Does the toy splinter?

A: While time-consuming, each toy is sanded smooth so there is limited risk of injuries through splinters.


Q: Is there paint on it?

A: Yes, we are using child safe nontoxic paint which is not flaking or chipping. Unfinished toys are great if you want to paint them yourself. However, if left unfinished they are going to become unsightly very quickly as any kind of dirt, natural oils from the skin, ketchup, drool and anything else found around kids will soak into the wood and stain it permanently. Furthermore, moisture can warp the wood and in some cases, damage the toy.


Q: Is this an exact picture of what we will receive?

A: Each toy is handmade and shape/color may vary


Q: How are they manufactured?

A: The are handmade out of three main body parts and we are really proud of our workmanship


Q: Where are they built?

A: Near Cambridge, Ohio


Q: Is it a teether or rattle?

A: We belief in stimulating, multidimensional experiences so it is kind of both.


Q: What is the target age group?

A: Up to 5 years of age but can I play with it?


Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes, but never leave your child unsupervised with any toy.


Q: How do I clean Bernie?

A: First of all natural wood products tend to have naturally occurring antibacterial properties. Basically bacteria doesn’t tend to multiply or live long on dry natural wood. But we do want to keep those toys clean. So here’s some suggestions:

- Don’t soak your blocks.

- Clean your building blocks with a cleaning solution in a spray bottle and a rag. Spray the rag, don't spray directly on the blocks. Non-toxic cleaning solutions-like Simple Green or mild soap solution are good options. Rinse afterwards. Air dry after cleaning. It’s great to set them in the sun to dry too.

Do not use furniture polish!


Let us know if you have any further questions by contacting us via email at sales@notmadeinchinatoy.com