Our history and driver

We are a company based in Freehold NJ and committed to provide healthy, engaging toys to babies and toddlers. When our boys where babies and toddlers, it was really hard to find wooden toys which were safe, inspiring and made in the USA.Then the lead paint scandal in China happened and to this date, lead is NOT banned in plastic toys. NotMadeInChinaToy LLC uses ONLY natural domestic ingredients and our toys are hand crafted.

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Lead and other artificial contaminated items are exposed to our children on a daily bases. Recent examples are the Flint Michigan and Newark NJ water crises. Exposure to lead can result in blood poisoning, causing significant health effects such as nerve damage, stunted growth, seizures, kidney damage, and learning/behavioral problems. While lead can be breathed in, the main route of exposure for children is by swallowing.

Lead may be used in two aspects of toy manufacturing.
Paint: Lead may be found in the paint on toys. Lead was banned in house paint, on products marketed to children, and in dishes or cookware in the United States in 1978. But it is still widely used in other countries and therefore can still be found on imported toys. It may also be found on older toys made in the United States before the ban.
Plastic: The use of lead in plastics has not been banned. Lead softens the plastic and makes it more flexible so that it can go back to its original shape. It may also be used in plastic toys to stabilize molecules from heat. When the plastic is exposed to substances such as sunlight, air, and detergents the chemical bond between the lead and plastics breaks down and forms dust.